I can't find your Tea & Cockroaches comics! Where do they sell them?
At this point and time Tea & Cockroaches has not yet seen print. The key word is yet, we are actively accepting proposals from any publishers that are interested in producing the book.

Do you base your comics off of yourself?
Almost all of the characters in Tea & Cockroaches are based off of real people. Most of them are friends or people that have surfaced at the night clubs that we loosely base characters off of.

What comics do you read?
Well like all I have been through a series of different trends and series. I think the first thing I ever started reading was the Amazing Spider-Man, but I have been all over the place. When I was 17 I opened my own comic book store, though it was short lived as I left to attend college; my collecting days were done then. Since then I just pick up odd issues that look interesting or inspiring. Have I read JTHM, Lenore, Gloom Cookie and all that jazz? Of course.

I'm trying to do my own comic. Can you give me advice on how you did yours?
Well as we all know comics take a lot of work, and the pay really sucks compared to what you can get by just doing a single illustration. You really have to have a love for what you are doing. Look at Tea & Cockroaches, we make nothing off of it besides the donations that generous readers have given. Hopefully someday it will be snagged up by a studio and then we can really rock and roll. Seriously though just set small goals and try and meet them. Right now ours is simple a page a week. It is all we have time for. Baby steps.

How long does it take you to do a comic strip or a whole comic book?
Well a page of Tea & Cockroaches has to be broken up in stages. First I loosely sketch out what should be on a page in a thumbnail format. That usually takes about 15 minutes working out angles and the best way to convey the panels. Next I go into the pencils which may take about an hour or so to do. Then the inking, now this is where things usually take a while. Usually anywhere from 3 to 6 hours I would say. Finally we reach the colour stage, which I find will take me anywhere from 5 to 8 hours to do. In a nutshell I break this up throughout the week so that I can get it all done without it interfering with the freelance work that I have to do to be able to meet my basic cost of living.

Where do you live?
We live in downtown Toronto Ontario Canada. (Not Gravenhurst, in fact we have never been there.)

What was the first comic you bought or the one that had the most impact on you?
Wow, I still have the first comic I bought, that would be Fantastic Four issue 244. John Byrne is still one of my favorite artists.

Who are the artists that influence you?
Well John Byrne, Brom, Alex Ross, Art Adams, Tim Burton, Frank Miller.

What kind of pens and pencils do you use? What paper mediums do you use?
Well we use normal mechanical pencils with HB leads. Felt tip ink pens, usually the pigma micron from sakura. As for paper I find I like to use Strathmore Bristol smooth pads. It seems to take the ink well.

What is the first thing you drew?
Ha! The first thing I can remember drawing was Godzilla. I have no idea what age I was but I do remember that I was having a terrible time trying to draw his feet so I asked my father to do it.

What's your background in artistic training and education?
Most of my training is self-taught, but I have attended two schools that helped me focus and expand my artistic horizon. WCCA a high school very much like that cheesy TV show fame, and Sheridan College for Classical Animation.

Why do you want to create comics?
I have always had a desire to create. I love the whole pulp aspect of comic books. The entire visual and story telling medium is unmatched. Where else can you draw cool pictures and tell fantastic tales of adventure at once?

Who is you're favorite comic book character?
Wow, well if I stay true to my roots it would have to be Spider-Man. When I was a child I actually wrote down in a book that I still have that when I grow up I want to be Spider-Man. God that really broke my heart when I discovered that he was not real. Santa, who cares. Now I would have to say that Dare Devil is my man since the mid 80's.

What do you do for a living?
Right now? I am currently a freelance web designer and illustrator. I just finishing working on the new Loony Toons feature cartoon. I also maintain and run a few sites online.

What do you like to listen to?
My musical tastes are vast but inspirational music for me right now would have to be, Assemblage 23, Apoptygma Berzerk , The Crystal Method, Massive Attack, Covenant, Neurotic Fish, VNV Nation, Lost Signal, Vast, and the Misfits.