Fan Mail

This section used to be for any Tea & Cockroaches fan art, but now has been opened up for fan mail as well. So once in awhile we will put up a letter from our dearest fans, or an illustration that someone has done.

Not really Fan Art (but funny ass shit) by Oxidizing Material

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Fan Art by Rhiannon

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Fan Art by Selvios

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The comic is great
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I loved the comic. It made my day. The artwork is great and the bar regulars likenesses were excellent.
I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Thanks Jen, it is always good to hear that our work is appreciated. It makes our day to know that people have seen it and do want to see more. The next few pages take a different angle on the plot so be sure to check them out when we get those up.

Tea and Cockroaches Banner
I really enjoy the webcomic and I'm building my own site at the moment. I wanted to place a banner for Tea and Cockroaches on my links page but then I realised that there isn't one readily available on the site. Perhaps it may be a good idea to create a banner people can just take and use on their site, spread the good work about T & C etc ^__^
ZoŽ Austin aka. Fuschia Star

Hmmmm, you know you are very correct. Maybe we should make some banners. Alright then.... Zoe get to work with your mad ass graphic skills and cook us up some banners. Oh, you did some already? Well why didn't you put them up on the site?!! Oh I see you forgot because you wanted to take a nap first.
Well if you need banners, Zoe now has them up on the site. Click here for banners.

Your comic truly rocks.
The number of characters that I recognise is priceless. As a long time patron and doorperson of SG it is great that someone not connected with the club has done some charactitures of patrons and staff. A not so recently departed doorman and I kicked the idea around but it went no where. I my ever so small circle of friends the comment was made that you should have an email list to announce updates. Keep up the good work.
PS. Zoe should have an email. Maybe even and advise column.

Thanks B. Every character is inspired from someone. There is so much material out there it makes our job so much easier. Email list is a very good idea B, I think I will get on that very soon. Now if Zoe could talk then we would get her an advice column, but who knows what the future may bring.