Concept Gallery

What follows is a series of really really bad drawings!! You have been warned. Tea & Cockroaches was planed more then a year ago and it took us some time to decide upon a style for the comic. Even small changes meant a lot as we beat each other over the head with pillows arguing over square or almond eyes. Well you get the picture. Like I said you were warned the most horrible illustrations ever await you below.

Long long ago this was to be the Mad Scientist evil villain of the comic. Ummm... I don't think so.
Awwww... the poor little girl scout that came to the wrong abode.
An early version of Georgie before the world of colour.
A series of concept sketches of potential background characters. Are very first illustration of Vampirella.
This was an early version of Jacob, though he is way too gay here. Jacob is not gay!
Here are some more concept sketches of random background characters. Although the top one with the glasses may have been a Georgie.
This is Daisy. If you have not spotted her in the crowd yet, I'm sure you will get to know her very soon.
Like I said, Georgie. We did away with the spectacles as it just was not her style.
Yup another version of Georgie. You may notice at this time that we were using square eyes. We switched to almond eyes around page 4 as it made her look a bit older and sexy. Of course that meant we had to fix the previous 4 pages to be almond eyes.
Oh man.... this was the old turn around for Georgie. She is a bit more fleshy now and not as stiff.
Abra Abra Kadabara.
Early renditions of Sammy.
Yes this is what our dear hero would have looked like. This was an instruction reminder of how to draw her head in case we forgot. It seems we forgot anyway.
This was just thinking out some of the panels for the comic.
Georgie square eyes 3/4 view.
An old version of page 5. Notice the A23?
The boyz! I know you love these guys.
Jacobs final sketch though we rounded him out and thinned him a bit for the final look..
Aww where would Tea be without the Cockroaches.
Original concept sketch of Berlin.
Widow our dancing queen. Watch as she weaves her web.
The original gang. This was the finalization of the style, which meant we were free to start working on the actually story finally. Of course the style changed yet again.
This could have been Tomb.
Full body sketch of Daisy.
An earlier version of what Jacob may have looked like.
A better angle for when she is going up the attic stairs looking for Zoe.
Georgie heads off to Fetish night.
A side profile of square eyed Georgie.
Gothic Bettie and Veronica!!!
Found this one under the bed when we were cleaning the room today.
Oh look this was on the other side.