georgie Georgie: Our charismatic and determined heroine, who is in love with Jacob, but does not know that she is the reincarnation of Samuel Hain's past love.
Transformation- A witch whose power is spell casting, which unknowing to Georgie does not work unless she rhymes.
sam Sam Hain: Town founder of Gravenhurst who died in 1666 as a renown witch hunter. He returns as the Spirit of Halloween, and is driven by the lust for his former, but now returned, lover. Impossible you say? Not when we learn that he made a pact with dark powers to acquire his vengeance on those that slew her. Ooooooh.... how EVIL.
zoe Zoe: Georgie's pet cat, an enigmatic black feline; smart-mouth, witty and sarcastic.
Transformation- Demonic familiar who always gets the party out of tough situations... But how does she DO that? Her answer? "meow"
jacob Jacob: A shy but charismatic, hopeless romantic. He is in love with Georgie and is a musician.
daisy Daisy: Georgie's friend who has a very big heart, and is very compassionate, yet has a fire inside her.
frat boyz Frat Boyz: This troupe of pals were the spark that lit Georgie's Inferno. Constantly harassing anyone who is different and bullying their way through life.
Transformation- The Eternal Halloween spell cursed them with Lycanthrope, mutating them into a were rat, were pig, and were ape. They are bent on getting revenge on the Freaks that did this to them.