• December 17th 2004
    Hey Everyone!
    Miss me yet?
    Yeah I bet you have. Well let me bring all you little hulkamaniacs up to speed.
    I know it has been awhile since we have updated around here, so this is why. We sent out a proposal to a publisher and because of that we really didn't want to give everything away and spoil the plot too much. Obviously if you ended up reading it all here what would be the sense of having a copy in your hands?
    Anyway we really wanted to get published by this one publisher, as we felt that it would be the right family for us. Realisticly though we knew a lot of inside information that really would make it not worth our while to even go down that road. A big factor of course was that the amount of work to be done vs the pay.
    So during that time we had another offer that we put on hold that does pay more.It looks like we are going to head off in that direction now.
    What does this mean about the site?
    Well come January we are hoping to have the completed new version of the site. One to dazzle the mind! .... and we are going back to doing the first issue as 32 pages. .... and we are going to re-master it! Yup that means it is going to be re-scripted, some parts will be re-illustrated and of course re-coloured!
    .... and we also made a deal where we will be keeping the entire first issue online as a teaser! All 32 pages of it.

  • September 6th 2004
    A new picture was added to the premise section, as well as an addition to the cast section. This weeks page update will be late. More then likely it will be up on Thursday morning.

  • August 30th 2004
    Page 4 of issue two is now up, so check it out gang.

  • August 29th 2004
    The much anticipated Shultz illustration is up!

  • August 21st 2004
    Long awaited page 25 is up! Or what I should say is page 3 of issue 2.

  • August 2nd 2004
    Bling Bling! That is wacked! Page 24 is up gang.

  • July 24th 2004
    Things that go bump in the night. Page 23 is up.

  • July 19th 2004
    As promised page 22 is now up! Enter Sam Hain.

  • July 18th 2004
    Long time no see eh my friends? Well page 21 is now up and hopefully I will be able to complete page 22 tomorrow. See you then.

  • June 20th 2004
    Illustration for Tea & Cockroaches reader MythDM completed. Take a look Here!