Operation H.U.G.
Helping U Grow

Mission Statement
Recognizing the need to reach out in various ways to the youth of our community, as well as the reality of teen pregnancy resulting in negative impacts such as high school dropout rates. Operation "Helping U Grow" is a program focused on assisting pregnant teens through the difficulty of teenage pregnancy; providing pre-natal support and spiritual guidance while instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Program Objectives
To provide a support network to expectant mothers ranging from thirteen to nineteen years of age through direct provision of services and making referrals to community service providers.

Service Delivery Operation H.U.G will:
  • Provide teen mothers with a limited quantity of basic baby supplies;
  • Assist with transportation to doctor's visits;
  • Make referrals for pre-natal classes and encourage proper pre-natal care;
  • Promote and encourage youth to complete high school and pursue a post secondary education;
  • Ultimately establish a toll-free ministry line for support;
  • Counseling and support will also ultimately be made available for parents of expectant teens, including family counseling to minimize the impact of the teen pregnancy on the family unit and promote healing and family unity.

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