About Us
Rapha Christian Centre was born out of an Inspired word given to the Pastor by the Lord. It was on a Sunday morning while delivering the morning's sermon at Mount Zion Apostolic Church that the word "Rapha" came into Pastor Brown's spirit. He began to describe to the congregants the vision God was giving for Rapha, and not long after that, God's word began to materialize. Pastor Brown and the small congregation took God at His word and through faith started to work towards bringing the vision to pass.

Rapha Christian Centre is provincially incorporated and federally registered as a charitable organization in June of 2007. This is where its divinely inspired journey began as a church with an intensive community development oriented focus. Later that year, the Lord provided a 22,000 square foot building which became Rapha's new home.

The building contained a monumental amount of wasted material that required a great deal of effort to expunge. After many months of clearing out debris, cleaning and re-organizing, the building was finally ready to be occupied. The first church meeting held at Rapha was a prayer meeting in July of 2008. The first official church service took place on August 1, 2008 as Rapha celebrated its first Holy Convocation at 1670 Wyandotte Street East.

Pastor J. Anthony Brown

Pastor J. Anthony Brown surrendered his life to the Lord as a teenager and was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Calvary Cross Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He soon after received the gift of the Holy Ghost and his devotion to the Lord has been unwavering. He received his ministerial license in 1984 and was subsequently ordained as an Elder in 2000.

His love for the word of God and fellowship with the saints were demonstrated early in his Christian walk. In 1985, he began attending Mount Zion Apostolic Church under the organizational leadership of Bishop C.O. Ricketts in Toronto, Ontario and was a dedicated member of the choir, always blessing others through his anointed singing.

Through the course of time, the calling on his life to the pastorate became evident. In 1994, with the blessing of his Bishop, he left the comfort of his family, job and church home to begin pastoring the Mount Zion Apostolic Church. The ministry became a house of refuge to many who heard the powerful teaching and preaching. In 2008, Mount Zion transitioned in name to what is now known as Rapha.

Pastor Brown has been blessed with a gracious and devoted help meet in the person of Lady Metra Brown, along with their three children Michael Anthony, Christopher Alexander, and Andrew Jamie.